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Nikken Inc. has been a world leader in Wellness since they pioneered the concept going back to 1975. Since then, they have been a different kind of company.

The Nikken aim is not only to sell a wonderfully proven product and service, but to improve someones way of living.

This is made possible with the idea of "Total Wellness". Instead of following the traditional approach of Western medicine that concentrates on curing disease, "Wellness" works on prevention and avoiding illness vs. curing illness.

The Nikken vision includes a vision of "5 Pillars of Health" (tm) - Healthy 1. Body 2. Mind 3. Family 4. Society 5. Finances. Put these together and you have a happy and satisfying lifestyle. Balance in this idea is the key.

Today, Nikken Inc. has become a global wellness company that has allowed people to achieve these goals in many ways. Nikken offers many different items for sale ... from supplements to bedding to water filters to exercise equipment and support to cooking equipment.
Such Items include:

Kenzen Ciaga Antioxidants | Bella Passione Jewelry | Kenkowave Technology | Kenzen Wellness Organic-Based Nutrition | Kenzen Meal Replacement mix | Magnetic insoles | Air Wellness Filtration

Nikken Career Opportunity : Nikken feels that there is a crisis in place as millions of people are "unwell" by suffering from stress of today's world and therefore are lacking in sleep, have poor nutrition; therefore suffering from obesity, have exposure to pollutants, not getting the proper exercise...People need solutions!

Nikken says that you can help!! But first, help yourself with these products. But also, help others including friends, family and associate

You can enjoy good health and financial security for the rest of your life. You can do that with Nikken — as people just like you have been doing since 1975. Take the first step today, and find out what a life in balance will do for you.

Become a Member -
As a Nikken Inc. Member, you’re taking an important step toward building a healthier home environment for your whole family. What’s more, Members are entitled these exclusive benefits:
  • Receive a 15% discount off your favorite Nikken products, all year long.
  • Access to the Members-only section of, a dynamic online portal with convenient tools to enhance your Nikken experience. It’s your one-stop destination for hearing the latest announcements and current promotions, managing product orders, Autoship and more!
  • Our informative wellness newsletter.

Begin today, and discover total wellness.

$19.95 Annual Fee

Become a Consultant -
As a Consultant you can immediately launch your Nikken business. You’ll be on your way to a lifestyle of balance, wellness and financial security.

An Independent Nikken Consultant receives:

  • A 20% discount on product purchases
  • The ability to earn up to 25% retail profit
  • The Nikken Business Success Kit — your toolbox to help you get started
  • Potential to earn rebates, bonuses and overrides
  • The advantages of owning your business, and being your own boss
  • $75 Business Success Kit
To take part in the wonderful Plan, Success Story and Opportunity, Please Contact me.

Sheila Rice - Independent Cunsultant
"I will lead you in your way to success and extra financial freedom"

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